To Little Big Girl

​Today I will share a story. About someone close to me.. From deep of my heart..

There was a little girl. Sweet, but more spicy. She was a tomboy from early little-hood. Brave, fearless, always ready to knock few knuckles. But she did have her own share of phobias. Like: Mother’s anger, algebra and rubberband(yes, rubber band too). 

But, with strongest determination, one by one, she overcame all the challenges.

Rising to the utmost hieght in carrier’s cliff; Spending years in foreign land; Marrying the Man of Her dream… She lived her life as an adventure. 

And today, after thirty years of that auspicious day, I wish that little girl, my beautiful elder sister, a Very Happy Birthday.

May God bless you with all the happiness and all the joy you crave for.

Be like this.. Have fun 


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