US vs North Korea: Bilateral war? Or..?

Are you paying attention? Attention to anything beyond the next Bollywood flick or the comment of some Indian neta? C’mon! Just look bit outside. Over the Himalayas. No, not China. Bit to its top right corner. There is a Little country. Little, but believed to be highly notorious. Yes, I am talking about North Korea.

Let me tell you what happened. Remember, in our childhood, when we used to get some new toy, what was the first thing we used to do? Show it off to our friends, right? And especially to envious foes. Now a similar thing happened few weeks ago. Kim got a new toy. Kim? Kim Jun Un obviously, duh! So he got a toy. Which was unfortunately a nuke. C’mon, he had tested a hydrogen bomb. It is just another nuclear bomb. So he got the bomb, and showed it off to the world. Now no points for guessing who got the biggest burn. it’s not the first time North Korea has demonstrated any such weapon. It had been doing it since last year.


Now you might argue that why on Earth should we get bothered about anything going on so far from us? Right? My answer would be Because we do still Live on the Earth. Not in some Martian colony. A slightest of wrong action can start a chain reaction throughout the globe. And we are not just talking about USA and North Korea. But specifically about Kim and Trump! It is not mere about number of bombs. It is about the unpredictable behaviour of two most agressiv nations. And if a war breaks out, it will be nuclear. And do you think they will stop at one? WW2 ended with two. We shouldn’t be surprised if this conflict begins with four.

Let’s have a quick look on the two contenders. On the Blue corner is America. Now it is like an open book. May be bit manipulated and covered up facts, but more or less, we do know enough about this country. It is a leading military power, with around 1.4 million active military personnel; 1.1 million military reserves; 13444 aircrafts, 19 aircraft carrier and so on and on…  But, in the Red corner, North Korea, is what we call in Hindi as ‘Chuppa Rustom’! North Korea, with a country size little bigger than Indian state of Goa, has the fifth largest standing army: Over one million soldiers! 994 aircraft; 4200 tanks and nuclear as well as hydrogen bomb.
Mind you, North Korea is one of the most isolated and conserved state, so authenticity of figures is a debatable issue.

North Korea, in year 2005, experienced massive food shortage for 11th consecutive year. It depends a lot on Chinese food supplies due to the lack of arable land, efficient farming practices and so on. The communist led government sets all prices, wages and production level by state run enterprises. With famine continuing to be the real threat, it desperately exercises its nuclear dreams.
There are a number of ways that a conflict there may affect us. I simply can’t predict all of them. Or even half of them. I am no expert of Geopolitics (haven’t cleared UPSC yet!) I just like to observe what is happening around me. I truly pray that may no war get triggered. The planet is already suffering from many. But if things go wrong, do you think it will remain restricted to two nations only?


China is like North Korea’s traditional big brother. Suppose Kim Jun Un approaches Xi Jinping and say: “Bhai, Fadda ho gya hai! (Brother, Got a problem), then whom do you think China, the country who already has disputes with US regarding South China Sea, would support? And on the other side US is backed with NATO, that include almost twenty eight strong nations of the globe. Now allow me to steer your attention to the Mediterranean. Unfortunately Syria is still a burning issue. The most terrible event, probably in the entire history of mankind. Now, if you can recall, few weeks back, getting furious by USA’s attack on Syria after the chemical attack from the yet unknown side, Russia had deployed it’s warship Admiral Gregorovich which headed towards the US ships USS Porter and USS Ross. Now, North Korea do share boundary with Russia. Anything happening in the former would definitely interests the later.

Now the million dollar question is what would happen if we are asked to take sides. Suppose one morning our Prime minister wakes up to find two guests, at two different doors. One is offering Burger with chilled Bear while another guest is standing with Noodles and vodka. Whom do you think he will say: ‘Mitron....’ ?!!



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